What is periodontal disease and are you at risk?

Periodontal disease is an infection that affects the gums and bone around the teeth. Bacteria involved with dental plaque and calculus causes pocketing and loss of bone that supports your teeth. Most of the time this is a painless process, so some warning signs are: gums that are tender, red, swollen or bleed easily, bad breath, drifting or loose teeth, or gums that have receded or pulled away from the teeth.

Not only can periodontal disease lead to tooth loss, but research has shown a direct relationship with it and diabetes, increased risk for stroke and heart attack, atherosclerosis, bacterial pneumonia and low birth weight babies. Increased risk factors are smoking or chewing tobacco, systemic diseases, medications, poor restorations, genetics, and severely crowded teeth.

When we perform a comprehensive exam, we will take measurements of your gums to check for periodontal disease and also try to identify any risk factors you may have. Periodontal disease can be treated in our office by non-surgical scaling and root planning, laser therapy, and Arestin localized antibiotic treatment. Severe cases may need to be seen by a periodontist.


We offer:

  • Periodontal maintenance therapy
  • Non-surgical scaling and root planning
  • Arestin® localized antibiotic therapy www.arestin.com
  • Oral Salivary testing from Oral DNA https://www.oraldna.com/for-patients/  to determine what bacteria are contributing to your periodontal condition and other genetic risk factors that you may have.

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