Cosmetic recontouring and equilibration

When teeth have minor chipping, wear or misshapenness, we can very conservatively reshape or recontour them, giving your teeth a pleasing appearance without doing any restorations.  This is routinely done after Invisalign treatment or when an opposing arch is restored.

Equilibration is when we adjust the biting or functional surfaces of the teeth.  Depending on the case this may be limited to a few teeth or may involve the whole mouth.  Bite equilibration is done when a patient’s teeth do not come together properly, leading to jaw pain, difficultly chewing, difficulty speaking, and accelerated tooth wear.  Before teeth can be equilibrated, a patient wears a bite splint or deprogrammer for a period of time to make sure their muscles are relaxed, jaw joints are properly seated and pain free and they have a repeatable bite.  A trial equilibration is completed on a set of study models of the patient’s teeth, and if it successfully corrects the bite, then is done on the patient’s teeth, allowing their bite to feel and function comfortably as it did on the appliance.