Crowns & Bridges

When a tooth has cracks, fractured, has a significant amount of decay, severe wear, a very large filling that needs to be replaced or has a root canal done on, it may require a crown to save it.  Crowns may also be done for esthetic reasons or there is the other option of veneers, depending on the severity of corrections that need to be made.  Any decay, cracks or old filling materials are removed from the tooth, while preparing it 360 degrees for the crown to repair, cover and protect the remaining tooth structure.  If there is too much tooth structure lost while preparing, a tooth will need to be built up with composite so there is enough retention for the crown. 

A bridge is done to replace a missing tooth or teeth and it may span 2 teeth as a cantilever or the entire arch as a roundhouse.  The teeth are prepared in the came manner though.

Our crowns and bridges are either made the same day, in-office on our Cerec Milling Unit, where you leave with your final restoration and there is no need for an impression, temporary or follow up appointment, or they are fabricated by our dental lab in Palm Beach Gardens.