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Temporary Implant Bridge
It was wonderful to receive the following email from a patient’s husband regarding the new upper temporary implant bridge we designed and made for her to replace the old one that was aesthetically and functionally a failure. Being able to help people with challenging cases that other dentists would not treat and allow them to smile with confidence again is the most rewarding part of my job.
Dr. Rask,
Patricia asked me to send you an email about how happy and impressed she is with her new teeth. She is not only already feeling adapted but feels your engineering and precision with her smile is like nothing she has received in a long, long time. She has been very disappointed in the US with her experience (I’m sure you are aware of how downhill customer service and well, service, in general is) and how oftenly she is poorly treated in healthcare in general. Your office exceeded her expectations and you give her and I hope that there are still talented caring people who do what they do out of love and craft and not as lack of empathy money grabs.
I’ll keep you posted but she just wanted to send this note so you knew how happy she is today. She smiles like she did 20 years ago 🙂
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