Dieting and your Oral Health

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Here is a little blurb from my winter newsletter: If your New Year’s resolution consists of trying to lose some of those holiday pounds, be aware that some diets may have a negative effect on your oral health.  Juicing or fruit diets have a lot of sugar and acid which are bad for your teeth by causing staining and erosion of the enamel.  Diet pills can cause dry mouth, which leads to an increased risk of tooth decay.  Low carb diets may cause bad breath and even acid build up in the blood, called ketoacidosis.  Low calorie diets, if too extreme, can cause malnutrition leading to an increased chance of periodontal disease or cavities.  Finally, if your diet requires you to eat small snacks frequently, instead of larger meals, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to wash away food particles and stay hydrated.