Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


A brighter, whiter smile is easier than you think!


We offer three different levels of teeth whitening to meet your needs. The simplest and least expensive are whitening strips. These are disposable, clear strips that you wear for 20-30 minutes during the day for about two weeks. It is not as effective as the stronger, custom whitening methods but it is more powerful than store bought products.

The second option is to have custom bleaching trays made for your teeth that are reusable and last for many years. You apply a professional strength bleaching gel with them and you will see results over a period of weeks that are very predictable. Once you obtain a shade you are happy with, the trays can later be used for touchups and more gel can be purchased from the dental office.


The final and fastest type of teeth whitening is Zoom! in-office professional whitening system. This procedure accomplishes about two weeks of at home whitening in about an hour! Zoom whitening is great for people who need fast results for a special occasion or who might not be compliant at home with their bleaching trays.


We can provide whatever you feel meets your needs best, to give you a dazzling, whiter smile.


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