Porcelain Bridge Repair

This gentleman chipped two of the teeth on his porcelain bridge in an accident. Unfortunately, replacing the bridge was going to be too expensive and something that his insurance would not cover. So, a second option of performing a porcelain repair with composite bonding was discussed, which he agreed to. In this procedure, the porcelain is first beveled with a fine diamond bur, then microscopically roughened with air abrasion (fine sandblasting), next it is etched for 90 seconds with hydrofluoric acid and rinsed, then a silane bond enhancer is applied, followed by the priming and bonding agent Optibond FL, next the grayness of the metal is blocked out with a flowable white opaquer, and finally 3M Filtek Supreme Plus composite is shaped, light cured, finished and polished. This cosmetic dentistry gave the patient a very nice esthetic result, at a fraction of the price of a new bridge. Please feel free to ask questions on this procedure and check out other dental procedures that I perform at my Pompano Beach dental office on Facebook at Brian-P-Rask-DMD-PA or you can also send me a tweet @DrBrianRask.