If you hate Flossing, I have the Solution for you!

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Sonic dental flossing device.

 So you hate flossing your teeth because it hurts, makes your gums bleed, takes too long, or the floss breaks or is hard to get in between your teeth.  Well, I have the answer for you.  It is a sonic flosssing device, called Flossolution.  It is designed like an electric toothbrush (and actually is a toothbrush too) that uses sonic energy to easily get the floss in between your teeth!  The floss is held between two plastic arms that can fit into the back of even the smallest of mouths and there is a rubber guard that prevents the floss from going too deep into your gums and causing trauma.  These arms are disposable and simple to replace, and there is also a brush head attachment so your sonic flosser serves as a toothbrush too!  Soon, Flossolution will be releasing a manual model with the same patented Flossguard technology to help protect your gums and make flossing easy.  Check out their website at for more information or to purchase one.  You can also follow Flossolution on Facebook at  Remember, flossing helps prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth decay, and bad breath, so if you are not currently using dental floss with success, try the Flossolution.



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