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 We are taking coronavirus prevention very seriously and want our patients to rest assured that they are safe during their dental appointments. We will be available for your dental needs or emergencies during this pandemic.  Precautionary infection control steps that we take every day are to wash or sanitize our hands before and after each patient and wear protective masks, gloves, eye-wear and scrubs.  All instruments that go in your mouth are either sterilized by an autoclave or are single-use, disposable products.  Every surface in an operatory that the patient or a staff member touches is disinfected after each patient visit with Lysol-IC or Caviwipes which kills coronavirus in 30 seconds.   We wipe down light switches, door handles and other commonly touched objects several times a day.  The restroom is disinfected by a staff member after anyone uses it. We have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer available for patients too.  We want to prevent patients from being in the waiting room, so we ask that you call us from your car when you arrive for your appointment or check-in at the front desk and wait in your automobile and we will let you know when we are ready for you. When you enter the office, a staff member will give you hand sanitizer, take your temperature with a temporal digital thermometer and go over a questionnaire with you to see if you are at risk of having the coronavirus. Patients who pose a risk of having the virus or transmitting it will be rescheduled for at least two weeks out. Before all dental procedures, we are having patients swish with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution for at least one minute, which is effective in destroying the coronavirus and other pathogens. Lastly, employees that have any type of illness or that have been around some with flu-like symptoms are not allowed to work for two weeks. In order for us to keep our office safe, please do not come to an appointment if you have coronavirus symptoms of a fever, cough or respiratory problems, aches, sore throat or itchy eyes, or if you have been in contact with someone with these symptoms or have traveled internationally in the last three weeks.  If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so by speaking to a staff member at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter and we hope the coronavirus pandemic passes quickly.